Home Sweet Home

By Ella Davis

This semester, I explored DSA's Middle School Teams system, where each "Team" visits the same four core curriculum teachers. I visited the Knights Team and their ELA teacher, Mr. Lockamy, and discovered a whole new sense of the word: community. These students are given the ability to foster relationships with each other and their teachers, and this project illustrates the growth, learning, and fun that happens within the DSA Middle School walls.

I found myself wanting to go back and re-live middle school throughout this project. With this age in particular, each kid's mind is a blank slate-ready for any world their imagination could bring them, seeing the rest of life as completely and utterly wide open.

The shaping that the Teams teachers do is simply unmatched; when asked what three words describes the 6th grade Knights, Mr. Lockamy said, "chivalrous, responsible, and respectful." That couldn't be more accurate than what I witnessed. They have fun and they learn a ton. I'd like to thank Mr. Thomas Lockamy, Sydney Greenlee, and Autumn Eason for allowing me into their lives and class. I'd also love to thank the rest of the Knights Team and teachers for graciously hosting me throughout the semester.

As you will see, this is a place of love as much as it is a place of education, and I am so grateful to have spent time with these amazing individuals!