Maps and Memories

By Ezra Belgrave

Formerly Durham High, the Durham School of the Arts reached its centennial this year. Having been around for 100 years, DSA is just as full of history as it is creative students. For the past 11 years, DSA has hosted a Fall Arts Festival on Dia de Los Muertos. The festival was started by Amber Caroll Santibañez, a DSA alumna who now teaches on the visual arts track. The festival is a space for students to explore their own history, express themselves, and celebrate life and change. This year, Santibañez wanted to incorporate the history of the school and the memories within the walls.

My name is Maryam Ezra Belgrave and I am a senior at Duke University born and raised in Philadelphia and passionate about education. While working on this project, DSA felt like home. I want to say thank you to Mrs. Santibañez for allowing me into your classroom and sharing your stories and life with me. Thank you for reminding me what it means to be a teacher and for reminding me just as you do with your students to tell our stories