Commencement & Commemoration

By Juliana Alfonso-DeSouza

This semester, I had the pleasure of photographing the Durham School of the Art's orchestra pathway. During my time, I met Scarlett Todd and Mr. Walker, two faces that make the orchestra program what it is. Scarlett Todd is a senior at DSA who has been under the instruction of Mr. Walker for the entirety of her high school career.

I learned more about Scarlett, I quickly came to understand the intricate role a teacher plays in shaping their student's goals and view of the world. Mr. Walker believes in the potential of each and every one of his students and creates a safe space for students to explore themselves beyond playing a string instrument.

Scarlett reflects on the opportunities being in the orchestra pathway has given her, many of which have equipped her with the tools necessary to pursue music in higher education. Above all else, Scarlett is grateful to have had Mr. Walker as a mentor for her time at DSA and is ready to begin a new chapter of her life.

I am honored to have been able to document one of Scarlett's last semesters at DSA, as I believe this story captures the journey of so many students--coming in a shy and unsure freshman and leaving a confident young adult ready to take on the world!

I would like to extend a warm thank you to Mr. Walker, Scarlett Todd, and the 1st period orchestra class at DSA for welcoming me into their community this semester.