Choirs at DSA

By Miranda Zhong

It takes a community for a choir to sing. As the largest pathway of the Durham School of Arts, I was welcomed by this DSA family with greetings and fist bumps from students in the hallway. During my time here, I narrowed my focus on the story of Mr. Nabors, the director of Choirs at DSA, and Kendal Babb, a high school junior who is extremely dedicated to singing and acting. As I am starting to know more about them, I was impressed--not only by their dedication to music but also by their courage of living an authentic life. I love seeing them shine on stage, spending every second of their lives doing the things they love and enjoy. Getting to know Mr. Nabors and his chorus class was remarkable; through them, I had a chance of sitting in a high school classroom and becoming a part of that vibrant environment again. I am extremely grateful for having this opportunity to document a part of their high school journey and watch the students grow. As each graduating class leaves DSA, I truly hope these wonderful memories of them singing in choirs can become one of the "things they remember all through their lives."