Jackson's Journey: A Look Into The Advanced Guitar Pathway

By Sabene Figueroa

Throughout this semester I have been working with the DSA pathway of guitar following the advanced guitar class, the highest class for the pathway. The documentary that follows tracks the class, providing an overview of what a given class period could look like. At first, as a whole, the class and teacher, Marc Davis, are discussed and shown, exemplifying what happens in the classroom. Then, the audience is given more information on Marc Davis and his teaching style illuminating how he runs his classroom, emphasizing the importance of freedom and musical choice. Lastly, the documentary focuses on one of the students in the class. Diving deeper in Jackson Steffens, we get to see him focusing in class and having fun with his friends both in and outside of the classroom. Here the uniqueness of DSA shines through and it is shown how incredible it is when students are given a creative outlet alongside their academic studies, starting from their K-12 education.

A huge thank you is given to Marc Davis for allowing me into your classroom for the past few months. Being able to see the way that you command respect, while simultaneously providing a fun and freeing space for students has been wonderful. The ability to partake in this project and create a narrative through the photos I take has opened a new level of storytelling. Trying to be a fly on the wall in their classroom while also being brought into their class community has allowed for me to both capture and experience the classroom beautifully.