A Key to the Door of Creative Worlds

By Tashia Ethridge

Mrs.Moehrke's classroom is a newness unexplored. Her creative writing classes expand outside of our traditional expectations of "English classes." This is intentional, of course, as her Creative Writing classes are specifically encouraged to reimagine what writing looks like to each of them. In this class, everyone has the freedom to explore various genres, forms, and techniques within their writing. And as they do, Mrs. Moehrke and their peers are there, ready to review, help, and inspire one another to keep digging into their work.

I have had a fantastic time working with Mrs. Moehrke and her classes this semester. Each time that I entered her classroom, I was received by both her and her students. While photographing the class was a beautiful experience, I am most grateful for the conversations I was able to join and observe. I am constantly amazed and inspired by youth these days. Their willingness to engage in diverse and complex conversations while maintaining respect for one another is a tool that is not only necessary in adulthood but, as of recently, a particularly underutilized one.

I want to share my immense gratitude and appreciation for:

Isabel, Cassie, Hana, Leah, Robin, Victoria, Zoe, Piper, Kaelie, Sawyer, John, Maya, Ellie, Alisa, Ashlynn, Theo, Yotam, Remy, Zadie, Cora, Rynn, Cole, Athena, Alex, Mina, Drew, Lorien, Nony, Conlan, Leah, Gabe, Maddie, Jack, Rosa, Bryan, Alessandra, Eva, Megan, Miles, Andrew, Grace, Aderonke, Emily...

and everyone else in Creative Writing 2nd, 6th, and 7th period. Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing me to photograph you and share space with you. Thank you for sharing your words with me, both on and off the paper.

I am rooting for you! I see you! I'm grateful for you!

Big thanks and appreciation to Hannah Moehrke for inviting me into your classroom and allowing me to navigate this project alongside you. Thank you for your flexibility, willingness to talk through your pedagogy and intentions, and being receptive. It was a joy working with you and your class!