Nizhoni Henry

By Sierra Cleveland

Nizhoni Henry: a supergirl. At first glance, Nizhoni might seem to have it all. She's incredibly talented at piano. She's in the school's acapella group. She has stellar grades in all her AP classes. She has plenty of friends, and even a long-term boyfriend. But what's not immediately apparent is why she has all of this, and how hard she has worked to achieve her dreams.

It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Nizhoni, and I deeply appreciate all the support that I have gotten from Mr. Davis. To me, this project really speaks to the innocence of youth, believing that you can do anything and everything that you want. It's a story of success and the powerful impacts that the arts can have on an individual's life. But above all else, I humbly thank Nizhoni, Mr. Davis, and the many other wonderful participants for your cooperation, enthusiasm, and support.