By Cat Foy

I had the pleasure of following the DSA Cross Country team this past semester, and my photographs tell their story. This past season was exceptional for both the boys and girls, but my narrative focuses specifically on the story of Ben Kearsley, Ethan Barber, and Sam Bloodworth. These three senior runners triumphantly led the boy's XC team to a regional championship win in their last year on the team, making them the fastest group of runners the DSA boys' cross country has ever seen. They're more than just fast though. This close-knit group of boys are friends on and off the track, and running only helps to strengthen these ties. They support each other and push each other, always wanting to work harder and to run faster for the betterment of the team, and not just their own personal gain.

The team dynamic is truly inspiring and my experience this past season getting to know Coach Huggins and his runners was really remarkable. It was a privilege to get to tell their story through my photographs and watch the students push themselves to new heights.