Chorus Seniors

By Faven Getahun

The chorus pathway at Durham School of the Arts is a microcosm of the school as a whole. The seniors in the class are active in and outside of the school, and have proven to be effective leaders in a wide range of disciplines and activities. Seniors Nicholas Mercer, Ché Armstrong, Tran Nguyen and Nathan Shanahan are perfect examples of the leadership and dedication that are characteristic of each of the students I spoke to and got to know. They have a true passion for what they do and are willing to put in what it takes to excel. The music and what they are able to create in class is remarkable, and yet what really had me in awe was how fully they threw themselves into all of their endeavors.

I personally have never had any experience with chorus, or much with music at all, and therefore everything I was learning about the process of a show and about most of the students' extracurriculars was new. From the teacher, Mr. Grier, to the students, everyone was willing to patiently explain what I didn't know, which was something I really appreciated. I loved getting to know the students and what made them all unique. As I experienced the chorus community I came to realize the chorus pathway at DSA really is a family.