Writing to Know

By Blair Horner

Welcome to the Creative Writing pathway at DSA. My project "Writing to Know" documents the experiences of Lauran Jones, Jeremiah Henderson and Ian Clark - three high school students navigating the pathway how they see fit. To each student writing means something different, but all of them agree that translating their thoughts into words serves a greater purpose: changing the world around them. I invite you to enter the worlds of Lauran, Jeremiah and Ian to understand what creative writing means to them.

This project was a highlight of my senior year at Duke. To me, "Writing to Know" is much more than a photo essay; it's an experience. I am fortunate to have met three incredible high school students whose ambitions inspire me to broaden mine. Through these photographs, I hope to capture the unique spirit that Lauran, Jeremiah and Ian carry through their everyday lives as students at DSA. Photographing a creative writing class came with its obstacles: students spend much of their time in class seated and engaging with paper or computers - indeed, they are writers. Their emotions, however, are all but stagnant. This fact made photographing a challenging setting quite easy. Each of my subjects drew deep satisfaction from their work, whether it be playwriting, music making or directing; and I strived to capture that authentic emotion.

For graciously welcoming me into your space, I thank you, Ms. Garvoille. You have created a special home for your students at DSA where they feel uniquely themselves; your students and I admire and respect you for that. And to Lauran, Jeremiah and Ian - you three will greatly impact the world with your creativity; I am sure of it because you have greatly impacted me.