Painting the Way

By Lilliana Reyes

Meet Victor Urbina, a senior at Durham School of the Arts. Before meeting Victor, I was told he would be an ideal person for me to photograph, and I soon learned why. Victor is an incredibly talented artist whose passion shines through his work. Even when he is focused on his own work, he doesn't fail to help his peers out or offer constructive suggestions. Having the opportunity to see the transformation from blocks on a canvas to a painting filled with vibrant colors is the true reward of being able to observe the process.

Similar to his art, Victor also defines himself by his Mexican culture. As he gets older, he has come to admire all the sacrifices his family has made and has grown a deep appreciation for his roots. Victor takes every opportunity to share his culture with others, and to learn more about it as well. This is what has influenced him to be an ambassador in the Dia de los Muertos festival at DSA.

I would like to thank Victor for allowing me to shoot his experiences and interactions and for allowing me to share a part of his story with the community. It was great getting to know him. Being able to follow Victor has also allowed me to witness some of the amazing things going on in DSA. Victor is an intelligent, passionate, and artistically talented individual, and it was a pleasure to be able to photograph him this semester.