A Director's Guide

By Alonzo Saxton

Get to know the theater pathway at DSA through the lens of the seniors in the Studio Honors class led by Mrs. Winchester. Through this show, you will have an inside look at how a theater class at DSA is structured and how the students and teachers interact with each other. Whether it is in class or during rehearsals for the school musical, after watching this, you will understand why DSA is as good as advertised when it comes to theater.

I have a more personal connection to this show because I myself am a theater studies major at Duke. So, I really enjoy being around anything that has to do with theater. Going to take pictures of the students in class and in rehearsals helped me also think about how I could improve my own theater skills. I can honestly say that their environment in class made me feel welcome, and like I was a part of the class as well. I definitely enjoyed spending time with these students. After leaving DSA, I know that they will already be a few steps ahead of the curve when it comes to theatrical experience.